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Boat in the Moonlight

Odilon Redon

Boat in the Moonlight - Odilon Redon -

Title:Boat in the Moonlight
Painted by:Odilon Redon

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Interesting painting. I love boat scenes. I do think that this would come off more believable if the moon reflection came all the way to the horizon on the right side though. Just looks a little odd to stop in midstream like that. I teach art and apologize if I offend but when I see little problems with a painting I just feel the need to point them to better the artist. Take at my website when you can.
Boat on the Moonlight
Posted by Karen Davidson on 1.September 2008, 17:52

THis is amazing even though my name is cock this dosent blow.... its really good it deserve more than 3stars
Posted by Cock on 30.March 2010, 16:30

To understand Redon one must be a dreamer.The full moon placement reflects its power over the painting.The boat,tides,darkness, and destiny are all under its spell.All is held in a holding pattern never to be released .Redon's dreams. The Genius knows the Moon is where it should be.His work is created to make you wonder to think about it ,how inspiring. It's out of the box.Each piece of his work is a journey. Redon!
The Moon
Posted by ginny roy on 18.August 2011, 18:59

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